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Interview With Rick Barker - Part 2

August 1st, 2018

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Today's episode is the 2nd part of my interview with Rick Barker… music business mastermind and artist development hero. Listen to this All Things Vocal podcast episode to get insider tips for creating and growing a successful music business.

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Subjects covered in this episode include:

  • When an artist is ready for a good manager and booking agent. How to understand why you need to be making enough money to make it win-win.

  • Why you educate yourself to get to that point.

  • How to protect yourself from bitterness and self-pity which stops your progress.

  • The strategy of re-thinking and using labels as joint ventures.

  • The singles game.

  • Building your own buzz.

  • How to create fan engagement on social media (great tactics)

  • Why you shouldn't spend a ton of money on Billboard radio station promotion.

  • Spotify, soundcloud

  • How to earn people's attention

  • Rick's book and courses

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