Fans, media and industry are what you have to attract to make money with your talent. You have to begin by knowing who you are and developing your sto...View Details

A raspy voice can be a cool signature of artistic style, or a telltale sign of vocal damage. In this episode, you'll get three factors to check to hel...View Details

Do you speak in public? I bet you do. Whether on a stage between songs, on TV or radio, on webcam on the phone or in front of a boardroom or classroom...View Details

Have you ever thought about teaching what you know? If you make a living singing, creating music or speaking, your financial situation is on roller sk...View Details

Want more vocal control? There are 4 critical factors you need to improve... your inhale, breath support, breath control and mental focus. I go into e...View Details

Could your voice be suffering from wrong beliefs about singing? Check out this list of 7 mistaken ideas that can be limiting, straining and damaging t...View Details

Do you want a successful vocal career? Then you need to take care of business. Today I interview Sue Painter who with her extensive successful busines...View Details

Briana Domenica came from a family trauma of triple suicide, moved into her own serious depression and self-sabotaging actions, and finally had a para...View Details

Fame is dangerous, especially when it's received early in life. Here is a list of issues and ways a wise mentoring 'village' can help the creative chi...View Details

Listen in as I give you three ways to assess your vocal technique. All three signs are vital to address for your best speaking and singing voice. If a...View Details

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