Listen in as I give you three ways to assess your vocal technique. All three signs are vital to address for your best speaking and singing voice. If a...View Details

NYC-based music entrepreneur Laura Monaco-Martino has a multi-faceted career making music and mentoring artists. She speaks from a track record of mus...View Details

Want to know how do you improve bad vocal tone? Listen to this episode for tips to expand your speaking and singing resonance. Want a lesson? Contact ...View Details

There are BILLIONS of dollars now being made in the multi-niche field of voiceover. This interview I did with veteran voiceover talent and coach Susan...View Details

No matter what your age, toys can be extremely useful in vocal lessons to get past the conscious mind into the instinctive 'lizard brain' that runs th...View Details

If we have listeners, we bear responsibility for reactions to our messages. This is a critical time in our world, that needs every voice to be informe...View Details

The tongue can get a voice in trouble! Here are some tips to help tame tension and get the tongue and jaw cooperating to free the throat and articulat...View Details

In this episode I interview the multi-dimensional Katie Zaccardi, whose successful journey in making music and dealing with an anxiety disorder has le...View Details

This is the audio version of the blogpost you can find at Today's topic is how 'acting as it' can affect your voice. Listen to thi...View Details

This is the audio version of the blogpost you can find at   Today I interview Kevin McCarty… co-founder of 'We Should Write Someti...View Details

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