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Today I interview Rick Barker… a highly successful music mogul and mentor who teaches artists to be successful with their careers.. Listen to this All Things Vocal podcast episode to get insider tips for creating and growing a successful music business.

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Subjects covered in this episode include:

  • Rick's work as former manager of Taylor Swift and promoter, consultant for Big Machine Records.
  • Artist development includes communication skills.
  • The importance of vocal health and vocal training for successful careers.
  • The mindshift necessary to go from hobbyist to serious artist.
  • Rick's strategy of interaction for music business success... how musicians, songwriters, vocalists, social media masters can engage and help each other.
  • The mistake of not registering your music. There is now $1.6 billion of unclaimed music royalties.
  • Steps to take for studying and developing multiple streams of monetary transactions.
  • Smart places to prioritize and invest your money in your career.
  • The importance of processing mechanical and sync licenses.
  • What major labels are looking for, what they are good and bad at doing. 360 deals.
  • How money flows to artists and labels. How to create a win-win.
  • TV talent shows and specific strategic steps you can take to make them work for you.
  • The importance of songwriting to artist development 
  • We discussed pop artist icon Mat Kearney and new country artist Preston James
  • The wisdom of patience and not rushing the artistic formation process.

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