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Today I interview Mark Thress… classical singer and teacher, voice science researcher, entrepreneur and colleague. He and I have been trading vocal lessons for about a year. Listen to this episode to hear us share our explorations and findings concerning the similarities and differences in contemporary and classical singing and teaching, as well as how cross-training can help both.

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Subjects covered in this episode include:

  • How we met and our intention behind trading lessons.
  • Similarities and differences between the genres of classical and contemporary singing.
  • How all art is about effectively and authentically communicating a message to the one heart.
  • Subtle technical differences in formal and contemporary genres in performance focus, creating volume, using self-compression, facial expressions, vowel lengths, vibrato, the need for mic technique or to fill the hall acoustically, conveying emotion without pushing.
  • How “less is more” in contemporary music, while continuity in sound is important in classical music.
  • Ways cross training can benefit both contemporary and classical voice.
  • Issues students typically have when trying to cross these genres and perform them authentically.
  • Using tools such as a trampoline or bosu ball to loosen the body and increase access to breath and tone, as well as a coffee straw or balloon for warming up.
  • How 'pulling' helps both contemporary and classical singing.
  • How both coaches have improved each other's voices.
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