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Today's topic is Part 2 of my interview with veteran live performance coach Diane Kimbrough. Listen to this podcast episode for tips to raise the level of your live performance staging.

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Subjects covered in part 2 include:

  • Why Diane's approach is to practice the arena level show instead of the coffee-house show, and how that can benefit the smaller venue performance, too.
  • Training artists to work with a camera.
  • How being present with venue size changes how you perform live.
  • The circumstances for which a veteran stage performer needs to come back in for some live performance coaching.
  • Some of the worst things you can do on stage.
  • Mapping out talking points on stage.
  • How Acro Yoga helps Diane with her live performance coaching. How it benefits both artists and teachers of artists to keep learning and trying things we've never done before.
  • Why and how artists should watch awards shows.
  • How the mistaken belief that the audience is feeling what you're feeling can diminish your performance.
  • How and why to articulate clearly and use punctuation in performance.
  • Why it's important for best performance to understand and take on the responsibility of your unique artistic position on stage.
  • How important it is for an artist to work with a team that supports each member, and communicates to resolve any seeming differences so the artist is never confused.

NOTE: If you haven't listened to part 1 of this interview yet, be sure and check out my previous episode!

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