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Heal Your Spirit, Find Your Voice Interview With Life Coach Terry Smith

February 6th, 2018

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Today's topic is my interview with founder of Coaching Life Matters Dr. Terry S. Smith. We talked about how psychology affects voice...  about how healing the spirit lets you find your unique and authentic voice, as well as a much better life. 

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Points covered in this interview include:

  • Terry’s background - his dysfunctional childhood and adolescence, his deep questioning, and his spiritual quest for truth.
  • How he used singing to find joy, to connect to his inner being, to create brain endorphins, and to question what is real.
  • The power of gratitude.
  • What Terry experienced in vocal lessons.
  • Terry’s training in listening helps people learn to listen to their own voice and questions.
  • Three core beliefs that determine our actions: security & survival, protection & esteem (love), power & control.
  • How finding true voices can help successful entertainers can avoid feeling fake.
  • Terry’s core method of life coaching is mapping people’s stories. His coaching initiates the healing power of understanding your own story.
  • The parts education, process, discipline and decision plays in healing and finding the true self and voice.
  • How we act from the 12 year old inside who was wounded. How children are the best recorders and worst interpreters.
  • 95% of people’s behavior can come from believing the lie that they are not worthy of love.
  • God as compost maker
  • Be careful what you’re looking for (you’ll find it). Look for truth with an open mind. Look in your history for those who validated and affirmed you.
  • How authenticity can power songs and speeches.
  • A conversation between Peter and Jesus.
  • The power of living out of knowing you are loved.
  • The impact of enlightened voices on others.

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