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10 Lessons from the Voice of Sara Bareilles

December 3rd, 2016

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Today's topic Sara Bareilles. Listen to this podcast episode for lessons to learn from her voice.

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Subjects covered in this episode include:

  • 1. Well-developed head voice can be belt voice's (upper chest voice's) best friend.

    2. Middle voice can be more interesting when varied and multi-colored.

    3. Don't be afraid to play with vibrato and straight tone.

    4. If you write with piano, let your fingers and your voice collaborate.

    5. Watch where you place a piano mic stand.

    6. If you have a great feel for rhythm, carefully consider scat singing in your performance.

    7. Watch your pitch when out of your most usual position.

    8. It's ok to write the whole song yourself.

    9. It's ok to have a name people have to spell check and hear pronounced correctly.

    10. Everything you've ever done informs the music you make.

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