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Today I interview Denise Wakeman… internet marketing strategist, blogging expert and globe traveler. Listen to this episode to hear tips on how to increase your music's fanbase by becoming more visible!

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About Denise:

Denise Wakeman has been working online since 1996. She has become a highly respected expert on blogging, social networking, email and online marketing. She teaches, trains and consults with a holistic approach to building businesses with targeted audiences on the web. 

Denise doesn’t just teach… she’s done it. She has created a powerful, visible presence by using the tools and teaching others to do the same. In the music business, becoming visible means being FINDABLE by those who would love our music. I created the All Things Vocal blog in 2006 with Denise’s training.

For more help with increasing your internet visibility, find Denise at

Check out her special post on building your internet platform:

Topics we discussed include:

  • Introduction to Denise
  • Understanding fans as customers
  • The importance of getting found by your audience
  • Taking action to reboot unsuccessful online efforts.
  • The importance of publishing consistent content
  • Creating the know, like & trust factor as music makers
  • Types of content you can create and share on social media
  • Visibility strategy for artists on media shows and large events
  • How to create online relationships with fans
  • Why an artist should create a blog
  • Blogging with multimedia content
  • The importance of creating your own online real estate, capturing emails
  • Traveling tips – the importance of being kind
  • Music experience Denise had in her global travels
  • What is changing for internet marketing
  • The importance of experimenting with online apps
  • Identifying your ideal fans
  • Tips for discerning your music career path
  • Deeply connecting by sharing your story
  • What Denise saw Elton John and Bernie Taupin do 

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